Final Friday of 2013

I keep wanting today to be Thursday, but for those glad that the work week has ended I know it isn’t fair. So what is fair? It isn’t fair that I am so bored I have been eating most of the day. I need to get out and do some walking. I stayed up late last night planning and plotting on a few items for 2014. I need to put my focus for the new year on my health. I have been so concerned about economics both in terms of increasing earnings and lowering spending, that it is time to do something of a different nature in the future.

James has been fighting a bad cold including a sore throat and such the past week, so he has quarantined himself into one of the back bedrooms, which is not so great for my sleep pattern. When left alone, I tend to keep the television on all night. If that wasn’t enough, last night I drank a second pot of coffee after supper, and so I was wide awake and ready to sift through all of my to do lists for the year. Yikes.

Coffee and a Snoopy cup, there is nothing like it.

Coffee and a Snoopy cup, there is nothing like it.

This morning was just as bad. I got out of bed and went straight to the computer to work on the sermon for Sunday. It isn’t presentation ready, but at least the basics are in place. I should be able to finish it out later tomorrow. I have this tendency not to finish things until I really need to. By the way, improving that plan is second on my list of things to change about myself in the coming year. I hate the fact that I can start about 20 things, but never finish anything. Time to finish at least one project of some kind every week. We will see how far that goes.

What bugs me the most is not being able to get myself to work on knitting or crocheting here. I was so good about that in Linton. Maybe it is the furniture. I might just have to go to Grandma Patsy’s house and sit on that brown chair or the matching couch in order to get any crafting done. If that isn’t about the weirdest thing.

Mostly I blame this house. It seems there is always something to do around here. There is no way to keep up with the cleaning. Maybe in June we should just move every thing out on to the lawn and clean it from top to bottom. Then we will only move back the bare essentials. Hmmm, I wonder if we could do that next week if the weather is nice. Jess, Vic, do you want to come and help? I figured as much. Well, maybe in June then. Enough for now, I think that I need to crash for now. I didn’t get my full supply of caffeine today, and I am about to go down for the count.

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