Christmas in Hebron, ND

Yesterday we got together with the family for Christmas. It was the only day in the whole season that we were sure to all be together, so we grabbed the chance. It was not without its drama, or such leading up to the event. Victoria had to get her house ready and do the cooking, and on Thursday when she was getting to the most of it, the dog ended up with her two front paws in coyote traps in the neighbor’s yard. I don’t know what the rules are for coyote traps just outside of city limits in North Dakota, but that is what happened. She made some frantic attempts to free the dog, ended up calling 911, and the sheriff’s deputy who came to her rescue ended up calling animal control for help. In the meantime the dog was in agony. The final result was the dog is up and walking, but on pain medication for a few days. The paws were swollen, but nothing was severed or broken.

Of course James and I were sad for the dog, but furious about the situation Victoria was in trying to carry a 70+ dog to her house through the snow with Jaxon in tow and having to figure out how to deal with it all. I still wanted to go to the neighbor’s house on Saturday and ask what was the issue and who did it and what do they think and did they have something to do with the disappearance of Biscuit in October. And this from the nice man who offered to mow their ground for room in their shed to house his mower. Oh ya that was until his wife returned home. I am still wanting to sort all of this out, and perhaps I will have to take on the persona of my own mother some time this summer during a visit there. Yikes.

Back to the Christmas story, so now Victoria caught a cold and ended up nearly down for the count on Friday. Well as the story goes, Jessica, Tony and his daughters showed up there towards evening on Friday, and we finally made it about 11:30 on Saturday morning. We stopped in Bismarck for a bit of last-minute shopping. It was a nice time, but way too short. We need a three-day time span with rooms for each individual family to retreat into. Next we need time for relaxing and hanging out and playing games, and grandma needs time on her oxygen, oh wait, wrong grandma here. Opps. Maybe grandma needs her computer fix, have to figure out a way to arrange some of this while working around everyone’s busy work schedules.

Maybe if Nate had enough employees, he could have a day off now and again. I keep hearing more and more stories about how the oil fields of North Dakota are desperate for workers. It seems that no one wants to work that hard no matter how much they are being paid. Ok, so it is miserable and cold and North Dakota, but it is a job and the pay is good for those who can handle it. Victoria’s last story about Nate trying to hire workers is how some apply in order to fulfill their unemployment rules requirements, but don’t really want a job. They just are there for a signature on their paper of , “I was looking and couldn’t get something.” Well, one man after he was hired and was required to come to the drug testing, showed up drunk to the screening. Obviously he was denied employment, but there is no place to report that. Yikes!

So, I am off track again. The point is to show off some of the pictures of the family gathering. The gifts were more than nice, and I can’t wait to use my new mixer and sorry Victoria, but that glass cutting board is going to become a back splash. It is way too pretty to take the chance of having it broken. I will show it off when I get it mounted. I wore the necklace from Paulina to church today, and the heart from Jessica is in the hutch. Oh and the radio will be in the shower when I decide to take one again. Ha!! It is vacation.

Victoria opening a gift. Do you guess anything from the fact that there is baby lotion and baby shampoo in the box?

Victoria opening a gift. Do you guess anything from the fact that there is baby lotion and baby shampoo in the box?

Jaxon with gift box.

Jaxon with gift box.

Jaxon gets spiderman pajamas.

Jaxon gets Spiderman pajamas.

Jaxon is super happy with Spiderman water cup.

Jaxon is super happy with Spiderman water cup.

That is the end of my pictures. I forgot my disc in the computer, so I couldn’t take pictures. These are what Paulina took. She also has pictures of the girls, but I have never really cleared using them with Jessica or Tony, so I figured that I shouldn’t do that yet. I guess that since we have already opened gifts in the large group, Wednesday will be pretty quiet for James and Paulina and me. Of course there is the thought of things going on at Adie’s place. Hmmmm.

Well, not much else to share except this picture of Roger irritating Sophia. There were several fights inside our house today. They are starting to get on each other’s nerves I guess. HOPE you all have a very Blessed Christmas.

Roger irritating Sophia. A fight broke out right after I snapped this.

Roger irritating Sophia. A fight broke out right after I snapped this.


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