Advent Day 18: Not so polite

Today was a shopping day, and without some serious attempts at humor, I could have become a serious crab. In fact there was one point when I did have a bit of a fit at the person behind me. Paulina and I had a couple of near misses when people just rudely walked in front of us cutting us off from the path we were taking. The first time was in the mall when some regular walkers were taking a corner and we were trying to leave a store to enter the main mall area. The next was a time in a large department store, when someone cut across our path with their cart, and we had to come up short not to hit them. Yikes lucky it wasn’t with a car, or their would most likely have been an accident.

The worst part was when the elderly couple nearly ran over us in the large store. I won’t say the name of the store, but it is one of those buy anything here places. Anyway, I was trying to put my change back in my wallet and get my items into the bags in my cart. I had even remembered to bring my own bags, and was so excited about my efforts to save the world then an older couple ends up all over my space. I thought the woman was bad, and then the man nearly bumped my cart with his and when I expressed my dismay, he apparently made a remark to me. I, fortunately, was out of the ear shot. A young man witnessed the entire encounter and felt that I had been wronged, it was so cute, too, because his comment was, “and what a way to act at Christmas.” My aunt was so impressed by him that she shared a coupon that she had. Ha!!

Nothing else to report except that we no longer have Raja or Jaxon. We met up with the owner and mother, respectively, and passed them on today. We also passed on a little cash and swiped some cards to be paid later.  We will spend tomorrow doing some wrapping of gifts, and I hope to do a little clutter cleaning, but I need to sub in Linton tomorrow, so that will cut into some of the time that I have to do things. Below are some pictures from early this morning.

Raja's packed and ready to leave.

Raja’s packed and ready to leave.

Jaxon and Raja taking one last rest on the couch.

Jaxon and Raja taking one last rest on the couch.

Sophia and Roger hanging out around the sewing machine.

Sophia and Roger hanging out around the sewing machine.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. glenda zimmerman
    Dec 19, 2013 @ 10:53:12

    It was a great day despite having rude people trying to wreck it!! Family time is always priceless. Thanks again for taking your old aunt along.



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