Advent Day 13: Friday the 13th Sewing…

Today we got to the work of real sewing. Victoria likes to sew, but has never had any formal training. We changed some of that last night and today. Last night my sister Kathy stopped by for a brief visit. She looked at the pattern that was giving Victoria some fits, and suggested that we make a working copy of it to use for today. I wasn’t sure, but it was a good idea. Patterns have changed so much since I have bought one. Now they come with three sizes, which to me seems really confusing to a novice, heck I was confused. We packed it up last night and stated this morning.

Jaxon's new pants.

Jaxon’s new pants.

We started this morning by picking a size and figuring out how to do the alterations. We were making pajama pants for Jaxon. Mr. Skinny is what we found when we started measuring. He is smaller than the small. Anyway, we didn’t realize just how close we had cut the whole thing. We sewed them up, tried them on and they will fit right now. We took out the folds so the next few that she makes will be bigger. He is growing pretty fast.

Lessons included why the arrow is found on the pattern (straight of the grain). Victoria also didn’t know that the notches on the patterns are important for matching one piece to another, especially at the curves. We also talked about how to iron, trim and clip at the curves. My personal preference is to machine hem certain garments before I sewed down the side seams. I wouldn’t do it on a super fancy outfit, but for the pajama pants, it was a good idea.

Receiving blanket

Receiving blanket

I also sewed up some flannel into a receiving blanket for the neighbors, who just had a baby boy. They had three girls now got their boy. Awe, actually now we aren’t matching families. Here is where we are similar. Husbands named James/Jimmy, three daughters/men enjoy running/all enjoy gardening. Now we differ on the boy thing…Look forward to meeting the little tyke.

Victoria's pile of material.

Victoria’s pile of material.

My pile of material.

My pile of material.

Well, I need to get back to work. Victoria has decided she can do the sewing at her place now that she understands it better, but we are going to lay out the material and do the rest of the cutting for her. She really doesn’t have a good table to use for lay out and cutting. I love that table we pulled into the house from the garage. It is an old “church” table. It adjusts in height and used to be the pre-school table. Anyway, Hope you are all having a great Friday the 13th and enjoy the rest of Advent.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. forestmtnhike
    Dec 13, 2013 @ 19:46:06

    Hi Lucinda, those cute jammies and receiving blankets! Reading your post has made me feel like sewing. Have a blessed weekend with your family!



  2. stitchinggrandma
    Dec 13, 2013 @ 19:25:18

    How nice to be able to get together and work thru the challenges of a projects. I like the “working copy” idea for patterns; as I have two granddaughters and may want to make that size 2 pattern in the size 4 next time. I keep a roll of “newsprint” to transfer the patterns to. Sure wish that good old fashion carbon paper was still around, end up using pattern transfer paper, and it just doesn’t work as well. 🙂



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