Cleaning day, or the day before the day before Thanksgiving

Cleaning house is just too much work. When we lived in Jamestown and the girls were all young and James and I were both full time, we hired a couple of ladies to come and do the heavy cleaning twice a month. We spent one evening picking everything up and putting it away, and the next day they came in and dusted and vacuumed and mopped and basically spit shined everything. It was wonderful. Now that I am only a substitute, I feel like I have to do it all myself.

OK, I take that back, James helps lots and lots, and tonight we worked together getting the place looking presentable for the daughters to come home and trash the place. Yes, I know how it will look when you are gone, but it will be fine. I am thinking that I have gotten some things done that I have wanted to do since June, but tonight I finally had the push to do it.

Anyway it was a salad for supper when we got home and right to work. I am finally sitting down to a warmer supper, popcorn. I will top it off with a yogurt, or as Jaxon says, “a yoert” for desert. Oh speaking of Jaxon, the little tyke said that he is going to the grandma who can curl her tongue. I don’t even know where that comes from, but I am looking forward to seeing him tomorrow night.

I will sign off tonight with a picture of my beautiful desk. It is an antique library desk. It was the only thing that I was able to get from my great uncle’s auction sale, and after we bought it another great aunt made fun of me for buying it because she said they used it to butcher chickens. Well James found someone to refinish it, and it is beautiful now. If I don’t get to you before then, hope you all have a very blessed Thanksgiving.

Library table

Library table

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