Oh no, I forgot to post…

Oh no, I found out this morning that I completely forgot to put up a post yesterday. It wasn’t like I was away from the computer. I was substituting for a computer classroom for goodness sakes. Of course that doesn’t mean I should be on the computer myself the whole time, but there were plenty of opportunities including the teacher’s preparation time. Yikes. So I will post a few things that I might have put out then, but I have pretty well taken myself out of the post everyday in November thing. Good Grief why do I bother.

Tigee in hiding.

Tigee in hiding.

Here is some evidence that we really need to clear out more of the clutter. Tigee was missing most of Thursday, and though I called for her, she didn’t appear. Later that night, James figured out where she had been. She found a way to hide in this box. On Saturday, I took the box upstairs and filled it with the old t-shirts that will soon become crocheted rugs. I hope.

The next picture is of some of the Bountiful Harvest items that my sister Kathy shared with us. Those apples have been calling my name all day. She has been going to Mobridge to a pickup site and gets two boxes of fruits and vegetables. It is so much a box, but you never really know what might be in them. I may actually have to get in on the next order. Anyway, I am pretty excited that she decided to share, but then that is pretty much how she is.

Bountiful Harvest items, just a small sample.

Bountiful Harvest items, just a small sample.

The picture below is the proof that I needed that I can no longer hang clothes on the line. The towels froze so stiff that the clothes pin broke on this one. I also had to peel all of them off the line. Thankfully the line is plastic coated or I might have had torn towels.

Frozen towel.

Frozen towel.

Below is a shot of the shadows we had just before sunset. This is the view to the south and east of our place which means the south and east of town here. The hill is on the other side of the creek from our place. This might be a fun picture to paint in terms of the lights and darks. I might have to dig out the oils and see what I can arrange. Of course, I would have to invent something to be the focal point in the foreground, but who knows what I could stick in place of those trees. Well that is for another day and perhaps another year. For now, I will say take care, and have a great weekend.

View to the south east at sunset.

View to the south-east at sunset.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Candace
    Nov 24, 2013 @ 11:57:40

    Your Tigee looks like my cat, Gali, who I had to put down a few years ago. Gali was short for Bengali (as in tiger).



    • lucindalines
      Nov 24, 2013 @ 13:56:41

      Oh what a neat name. Sorry that Gali is no longer with you. We used to have only cats that look like Tigee, but now there is a variety. I am worrying more about her each day. My sister estimates her age at 18, so that is scary. Thanks for stopping.



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