Birthday party…we are all sisters here

I know that I mentioned Alvina’s birthday in yesterday’s post, but today I need to give you the results. It was as the local newspapers used to say in there sections of “local” news, “a good time was had by all.” Actually it was only Alvina, James and me for the big event. So much easier to do the small “dinner party.” We had roast beef, or pot roast as some would call it, with potatoes and carrots in the pot. I whipped up a fresh batch of coleslaw. Seems when I find a recipe, I make the family eat it to death. I also baked some chocolate cup cakes. I wanted to do a zucchini cake, but didn’t have the energy to cut (I started to type gut) a zucchini to get it shredded. So much for my ambition.

Birthday cupcake

Birthday cupcake

Alvina on her birthday

Alvina on her birthday

James stopped in Linton and picked up a lawn ornament and a bag of ingredients to make cranberry bread as gifts. I don’t know if we ever dug up a card. I have a drawer full upstairs that should get used, but sometimes we are lax in that area. Anyway, it was a fun night, which hopefully shows in the pictures posted below.

Alvina is James’ younger sister by five years. He used to joke that she ruined his life when she was born. He was the youngest of six children at the time and spoiled beyond belief. There were three more after Alvina, so that sort of ended the spoiled James issue. He and Alvina, apparently, spent lots of time in the dairy barn together as they were growing up. I think they were two of the more responsible children, who came when called.

Anyway, it was a fun evening, as my aunt Mandy would say, it made the night seem a little shorter. Yikes that statement makes me sound like I am really going over the hill. Actually, the day went pretty fast getting ready, but the best part of all is the part I love about having company. I actually take time to clean my own house. Yup, the counter is cleared again. It looks so good that I have been staring at it in amazement most of the morning, between reading other blogs that is.

Now if I could just get a few more things accomplished in my bedroom, I would feel like I have done some things. I have been feeling a bit guilty about ditching that novel writing project. I should never have read the Freshly Pressed blog post about what a dumb idea it is to join that project. Oh well, I have more written than when I started that project.

Time to sign off, but in case you don’t get the title, I will try to explain it without offending anyone. Alvina and three of her sisters went on a sisters trip this summer. They went to Medora, North Dakota, a popular tourist site around here with a big musical production and tribute to President Teddy Roosevelt, who North Dakota claims…Rough Riders and all. As they were leaving or coming or something, the oldest of the sisters in her serious voice was explaining to some one they didn’t know that the four of them were all sisters. Of course James family is known to enjoy a laugh or two at another member’s expense, and Alvina and Louise started laughing at the term “sisters” saying how they weren’t wearing their “habits” for the night, and they looked up to see a group of women in nun habits. So they will always remember that they are all sisters.

Hope you have a great day, and don’t forget to laugh, according to a comment on something I watched yesterday, a few minutes of laughter each day can add time to your life, while moments spent in anger can subtract time. Easy choice for me now that I know the truth. By the way, the pictures below are proof that the hens are still here, another reason to smile.

Close up of the hens.

Close up of the hens.

All four heading north.

All four heading north.

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  1. Glenda
    Nov 14, 2013 @ 16:26:29

    Happy Birthday, Alvina! No one would ever guess her age. She looks great!! If you hadn’t mentioned that she was 5 years younger than James, I would have never known!! I am very happy to see the hens still running around, also!!



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