Beanie anyone??

I really don’t have much of a post to put out today, so I will do a project update. I have been knitting on these beanies for some time. The all black one is something I did way back last spring. It is from a pattern that I got from someone on the internet. I really don’t remember who or where, I just remember the “please do not use this pattern that you received for free as a sell it project. So, so far all of the beanies I have made from this pattern (I almost said recipe, jeepers, golly shucks, I have been cooking and canning far too long.) have been given away.

Three finished beanie caps.

Three finished beanie caps.

Closer look at the striped and the baby cap.

Closer look at the striped and the baby cap.

A work in progress. I used up the light color on this one. I have just enough to make a tassel for the top.

A work in progress. I used up the light color on this one. I have just enough to make a tassel for the top.


The all black one is my pattern guide right now. I gave two exactly like it to members of the track team. Rachal got hers last spring and Matthew got his this fall. He calls it his burglar cap. The tiny one is a fluke. It is sort of a joke on me. I decided it was so boring following the same pattern that many times in a row, so I decided to see if I could make the cap backwards. I started with about 10 stitches and kept increasing. It was really hard to work with on the increasing, so I ended up just making a smaller cap. It could really be done backwards, but you would have to cast on 18 stitches to start, so you could get to 72 in two to four rows. I may actually try that.

On the other hand, to ward off boredom while knitting this easy pattern it might just be best for me to keep playing with colors. I am thinking that if I grabbed some graph paper, I could start to figure out how to put some designs into the caps. If I get that accomplished, I might feel the obligation to the original pattern might be null and void. At least I may begin charging for the yarn, but not the work. I might be able to feel ok about that deal. On the other hand, I usually can’t sell bread to a starving millionaire. I could always give them to Jessica to sell. My politician daughter has always been able to sell ice to an igloo dweller.

Normally you cast on 72 stitches then do a ribbed pattern for like 8 to 12 rows. Ribbed as in knit two, purl two all the way across then do the same thing on the next row and on and on. After it is a simple stockingnet stitch of knit a row, purl a row until you reach the correct length. I decrease it like two to four rows. The tricky part is not casting off. I forgot that on the orange and yellow striped one and had to take lots out. To finish cut the yarn leaving a fairly long piece, put the stitches on a long crochet hook and pull the thread through all of the loops. I then thread a darning needle and sew it together down the side. It is actually faster to do the finishing than to write about it.

Well, hope you all had a great day and better tomorrow. Catch you later.

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