Thankful Thoughts Day 11

Here is a shout out to my nephew via this reblog of my daughter’s post. Hope you don’t mind Jess.

So It Goes

Today I am thankful for our veterans, their families and the freedoms that each and every one of them defend. I am thankful for their call to service and the sacrifices they have made and continue to make for this great country. I am also thankful for the many animals that serve America during time of war.

This great experiment that our Founding Fathers created called democracy could not happen if it were not for the many men and women who have defended the freedoms that we all enjoy. I will always fight to ensure that veterans have the necessary support they have earned, whether physical or psychological.


And a special thank you to my favorite veteran, my cousin Peren. Peren is the closest thing I have ever had to a brother. He was born a little over a month before Victoria and he was always excited to see “the…

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