Day 7…Ugghh

Hierarchy of mantras found in English room.

Hierarchy of mantras found in English room.

As you can tell from the picture above, I am in a classroom substitute teaching today. It is exactly what the bank account needs, but not really what the challenges need. I see that I have cut off the top mantra which says, “Be successful.” I realize that they are set up to go from bottom to top, yet my favorite one is near the top; it is the light blue one that says, “Love your work and your life.” I believe that when you stop loving or even liking what you do, it is time to move on and find something else, which almost makes me want to rethink these challenges. Yikes!!

On the other hand quit whining about it, right?? Buck up and get to work. I am stressed right now about this sermon thing that I need to do. I guess I like it so much better when the scripture is a straight forward, little history story that you can look up an “expert” interpretation on it, and recite that and call it good. I am not so sure that is going to happen this week. Yet for all points and purposes, those are the better sermons. It is just that they take a little more work to put together.

On the third hand…it is probably time that I quit trying to write the sermon and just let the words flow through my fingers onto the computer screen then out through the printer and finally to my eyes and out my mouth. I should stop, breath and remember that it is not me thinking and telling. I am just an instrument being used to tell the story. And even that isn’t the end. It is the hearer that is the final ending of it all. It is what they hear that counts.

Time out…Class time, I will come back at noon.

Yikes not the most fun I have ever had. Well, moving on… I hate cold coffee. I realize that was sort of random, but it is now study hall, and the girls are giggling and I can’t really concentrate, so I will just close up and try to get through to the end of the hour.

I really understand why retirement for teachers was set for the rule of 85, which usually meant age 55.  The rule of 85 came from age+number of years taught. If you graduate at age 22, you get 30 years of teaching by age 52, so 52+30=82, which means only two more years of teaching to reach that rule. The problem is that it takes another 10 years before you are eligible for Medicare, so for 10 years you have no covered health insurance. Do we now understand why people hang on and teach when they really shouldn’t. OK, so now I am rambling….time to sign off and see you tomorrow when (hopefully) life will make sense again.

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  1. jesshaak
    Nov 07, 2013 @ 21:20:07

    I hate cold coffee too. You’re so funny. You make me LOL with your transitions.



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