Accidents happen or dear oh deer!

Inquisitive Glance

Inquisitive Glance (Photo credit: James Marvin Phelps)

If you looked at the title, you might be able to guess what this post is about. Yesterday James called me on the way home from school. He had just filled gas and was heading south out of Linton. Boom! A very large doe decided she wanted to cross the road even if there was a lovely green van in the way. He called to tell me there was an accident, and it messed up a window. I asked how bad the rest of the van was, and he kept saying there wasn’t any damage. He was so shook up that he didn’t even stop to look. He just left the deer in the middle of the road and drove off.

This morning when we drove by the site and the deer was moved, I sort of nagged that he should have reported the accident. The ladies he teaches with told him the same thing, so  he called the sheriff. Guess what? The last legislature in North Dakota (of which we know no one individual representative, Ha!) has changed the law to read that if no human is hurt and if the vehicle still functions, no need to report it. Tell that to the insurance person. I think that it just makes it too easy to cover up a DUI accident, but what do I know? I sure couldn’t ever get elected in any state with my attitude.

Anyway, here are the photos of the damage. The insurance company has approved the fixing of $4,400, and our deductible is $250, so I guess that is why we keep the insurance. In looking at the situation, I am glad he was driving the van. I do believe that had he been in the little green neon, the call I received would have been from the hospital.

Deer must have hit here with feet.

Deer must have hit here with feet.

Not sure how James saw to get home.

Not sure how James saw to get home.

I don’t have much else for today. I should spend some time cleaning my room, but I have not felt the best today. I think it was something I ate last night like some sausage that isn’t the original recipe. Today, I filled in for a social studies teacher, and part way through the day I remembered that today would have been my brother’s 54th birthday. He left us shortly after he turned 4. It was a little more than a month after President Kennedy died. It has been 50 years without him. I have quit wondering why or what if. I learned many years ago in a college religion class that ours is not to ask that question. Ours is just to know that it is.

When my mother passed on, I had lots of comfort in knowing that though we had her for as many years as we did, she was finally with the child that she laid to rest so many years ago. If we can believe that with absolute conviction, letting go is so much easier. And, a day when a deer messes up your vehicle is just a “bump” in the road. Next time (hopefully there isn’t one), I will remember to say, “Are you ok?” rather than ask how is the rest of the van.

May you all have a very safe and fun Halloween!!

Also thanks to wordpress and Zemanta and James Marvin Phelps for the use of the deer photo. Credit where it is due always!!

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  1. glenda zimmerman
    Oct 31, 2013 @ 10:53:20

    Sorry about the accident. You are putting things into perspective, though. Vans can be fixed. Thank God James didn’t get hurt. It doesn’t seem like 50 years since Colin died, but then again, it seems like forever since we saw his beautiful, smiling, dimpled face. Will miss him forever.



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