Mr. Carson is a big 7

Paulina and I took a little road trip this afternoon. I was doing a substitute stint for the third grade teacher in Linton, and Paulina came from BSC. After school we hit the road for Wishek to catch the birthday party. We got there in time to see all the youngsters running rampant in the park. Melissa and Bruce were taking turns going back to the house to set up for the party. Short version is we stuck around for the cake cutting and gift opening and Paulina helped with the gift bags. We came, we enjoyed and we froze a bit then headed back to yell and scream at the football game, where the home team came up just a bit short. Hopefully we wake refreshed tomorrow for a trip to see the grandson. Anyway, hope you enjoy the pictures that we have of the day.

The play ground equipment in the park.

The play ground equipment in the park.

The cake.

The cake.

The birthday boy.

The birthday boy.

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  1. Kathy
    Sep 28, 2013 @ 12:06:19

    Oh how exciting for Carson! Enjoyed hearing about the celebration and seeing the pictures, too. Happy weekend, Lucinda!



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