I remember: Freestyle memory… 31 years ago was our wedding.

On of our wedding photos.

On of our wedding photos.

Our cake topper.

Our cake topper.

Flowers for our anniversary.

Flowers for our anniversary.

I remember 31 years ago tonight James and I said our, “I do’s.” It was much hotter than it is today. It was so hot that we had to put fans all over the front of the church. I was so upset because I thought we should just handle it. It did a super number on the candles. I didn’t think they would still be going by the time the actual service started, but we had to have them on for the pictures.

I wanted to take some time to do some touch ups on the make up between the pictures and the service, but we barely had time to sit for a minute. I don’t know why we had a wedding in August then I chose a dress with long sleeves on it. Of course, all I was interested in was a dress that fit. I didn’t even start looking for it until July. Actually, I should have kept a journal of the activities because I really don’t remember which day I did what. I just know we were in Aberdeen several times getting items for this and for that.

Today we went to Bismarck to go out to supper and mainly to get Paulina organized for school this fall. Talk about a Nervous Nelly. I may have to have her name changed. I don’t remember having those sort of issues with the other two, but then they were a bit more worldly. She is panicking that she will be late for a class or miss one because she doesn’t know where it is. I guess she doesn’t have any practice with skipping school and going to a friend’s house to hang out in the hot tub and drink beer in high school like a couple of sisters did.

Last night when she and James were going over her schedule they found an issue that might have been a big deal on day one if we hadn’t dealt with it today. The man who helped her register was all befuddled when I suggested she join the choir. At BSC there are 100 spots in the choir and really is open to anyone who wants to join. So, he put her in music appreciation because he didn’t understand what he was doing. Well that went on the drop pile today, and she is going to have to try out for a chamber choir thing if she wants to do anything because the choir practice time is when she has to take algebra.

I am still trying to figure out where all those years went. One day I wake up to shower and pack my wedding dress into my little red duster to drive to the church in Hull, North Dakota and the next I wake up to go to Bismarck to finalize my youngest daughter’s enrollment in college. What happened to all those years in the middle? I guess that is what you call life. Three daughters born, four parents buried, all those jobs changed and six homes later here we are.

In 31 years we haven’t left the country and have only been to one major trip together other than Minneapolis-St. Paul a couple of times. Heck the farthest Paulina has been is The Black Hills when we took Victoria and my nephew Peren to Black Hills State to attend a future Business Leaders conference. Heck we never would have gone to Washington, DC if Jessica wouldn’t have been interning in Senator Conrad’s office. Thank goodness they did those things, or I never would have left the porch.

Well, I will leave you with three pictures: 1. James and me on our wedding day, 2. Our cake topper, and 3. The flowers he picked for me at the side of the road today while he was out biking. I actually loved them, better than if he would have spent loads on them. So, hope you had a great day, and catch you later.

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  1. The Earth Mama
    Aug 09, 2013 @ 17:52:39

    Happy Anniversary!



  2. Kat at travelgardeneat
    Aug 07, 2013 @ 21:05:35

    Happy Anniversary — yes, those years in the middle disappear in the blink of an eye, don’t they?!



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