Happy Birthday James

Jaxon and Grandpa feeding the goats at the zoo.

Jaxon and Grandpa feeding the goats at the zoo.

James with his daughters and Jaxon at the zoo.

James with his daughters and Jaxon at the zoo.

Today was another birthday for James. We went to Bismarck and met the girls. We picked up Victoria and Jaxon in Wal-Mart parking lot where she left the pickup. We went to Menards for a little paint shopping then we headed to the Fair on the Capitol Grounds. It was interesting, but the only thing we bought was food. By the time we had our food, Jessica and Tony and his girls showed up. It was fun because it was the first time we met the girls. We delights they are!

By the time we did the rounds of all the booths, I would have been ready to head home. Well, we headed to the zoo. The photos above were taken at the zoo. Of all things we ran into Ren and Paula and their family there. We had no idea they would be there, too. After the zoo, we found a picnic area in the park and had cake. The whole time, I was calling back and forth with Adie checking on the landing of Annabell. She is the foreign exchange student coming to stay with Adie and Steve for the school year. By the time we had cake, she had landed. We all wanted to go eat, but had a little shopping to do.

It ended up that we met in Lowe’s and picked up more household type things that we all needed. It seemed there were more shoppers than workers, and we waited for the longest time to get help. Well, we finally got the items loaded in the car and took off to Olive Garden. At least that was a great experience with a wonderful waitress and good food. After we did a bit more shopping and all headed home. I was rather annoyed by the fact that we didn’t get home until 11 p.m., but that is how things go around here, I guess. Anyway, as far as I have heard everyone made it home in one piece and I need to get some sleep so that I will be awake enough to do the sermon at the lake tomorrow. Hope you enjoy the photos. I will give more details and more pictures tomorrow.

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