The dogs are gone!

Audrey in her kennel.

Audrey in her kennel.

Biscuit jumps for joy to see Victoria.

Biscuit jumps for joy to see Victoria.

Today Victoria and Jaxon brought Paulina home and took their pets including the two dogs and their cat, Spook. James went out to the farm last night and got, Biscuit the coon hound. She was pretty wild when she saw Victoria. She was actually pretty happy when she saw Adam this morning, but we had to tell her that she wouldn’t be living with him any more. I am not sure who was sadder. Anyway. She jumped straight in the air when she saw Victoria. I caught a bit of a picture of her jumping, but it wasn’t at the peak of her jump. Audrey was so happy to finally find her real people that she jumped up on the pickup and crawled into the kennel and wouldn’t get out the whole time Victoria was packing. Well, that isn’t totally true. They made her get out a few times, but she hung pretty tight to the pick up. Spook on the other hand spent most of the time hiding out. As you will notice, there is no photo of Spook any place. She was finally found and put into a cat carrier to ride beside Jaxon during the trip home to Hebron. Again, I wanted to cry when they left, but the tears just weren’t there. Seems I can’t cry when I am sad, just when I am nostalgic about a sporting event, of all things. Weird!! Well here are the two dog shots. I think that I have to make August something different, like maybe I will give myself an animal challenge in August. Ya, that is what I will do, an animal photo for every day in August. Let’s see how that works. Check you later!

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