Happy another year, Kathy!

Bounty of the week.

Bounty of the week.

My sister is another year older today. I won’t tell you how old, just that she is in between me and my other two sisters. Technically she is between my brother, who is younger than me, and our other sisters, but who gets technical. I could call her my big sister only because she is taller than me. So let’s face it they are all taller than me. I am the shrimp. Anyway it is her birthday, and I wish her many more and much fun and frivolity today.

I would like to report that though it isn’t super hot, the sun has returned and it is a fairly nice day here in the Heartland. We had a rather nice shower yesterday, and the garden was still muddy enough that I used my crocks instead of regular shoes so that I wouldn’t be dragging mud every where. I tried to do a bit of weed pulling, but it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I really need to start doing some simple exercises as I am losing all of my muscle tone. Yikes.

I did get a little picking done. I am only half way finished with the beans, and since I only took the largest, I will need to do it again tomorrow. The yellow squash are producing quite well, though I almost miss the green zucchini this year. I am still waiting on the tomatoes to start turning red in abundance. Why is it that one only wants what isn’t ready.

Well I posted a photo at the top to show you what I have picked as of late. There are four more yellow squash, but I left them off the picture. See one, you see them all. I accidentally picked a couple of carrots while pulling weeds. I guess that ends the weeding in that area. I should start picking beets and preserving them. Perhaps a pot of vegetable soup would taste good this evening. I may have to consider that.

Here at the bottom I am leaving you a couple of shots of a pheasant rooster. He seems to think that the garden would be a nice place to find some supper. If he comes in to eat some of the bugs in the area, I am all for it. I love listening to his call in the morning. I just hope the fox that Victoria saw on one of her runs to the east of the creek doesn’t get any ideas about a pheasant lunch. Well, that is all for now.

Pheasant on the dike. Taken through the door window.

Pheasant on the dike. Taken through the door window.

Pheasant sneaking away after I opened the door.

Pheasant sneaking away after I opened the door.

Again, Happy Birthday tall sister!

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  1. Donna
    Jul 31, 2013 @ 20:15:36

    I would love to see a pheasant. They have been gone from here for a long time. When in Pennsylvania, they used to be everywhere in the fields. I have been picking my tomatoes for a few weeks already, but I did not start them from seed either.



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