Pea thief

Audrey the pea thief

Audrey the pea thief

This is all she gets for now.

This is all she gets for now.

First tomato

First tomato

We have a pea thief in our neighborhood. Well let’s be honest. There is a thief living right on our property. It happened the day after we left Jaxon with his parents in Hebron. Paulina stayed there too. James and I went to Mobridge to church where I filled in for the pastor substituting for our pastor, who is on sabbatical. You figure that one out. James went inside to watch tv and I went to pick peas. Audrey was off the chair and she followed me around the garden on the outside while I picked on the inside. Soon I felt a tug on the fence. There she was, reaching for peas on the outside while I was picking on the inside. She decided to eat them right off the vine. Of all things. She ended up back on the leash. Yesterday, James let her off the leash a bit to run free in the yard. He came inside for a drink, and wouldn’t you know, there was Audrey beside the peas munching away. She is back on the leash. I did round up a few of the left over peas from last week that were going bad. She is now allowed to eat what we give her. Pea Thief!!

By the way, I picked the first, nearly ripe tomato yesterday. It is only a cherry tomato, but will be great on a salad today. That is if the stomach allows such a food as a salad. I am having a terrible few days right now. I sort of think it is a bit of exhaustion from the events of the past two months. Maybe I will take a nap and see if that helps. Take care for now.

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