Jaxon time

Jaxon in the sandbox.

Jaxon in the sandbox.

Eating S'mores.

Eating S’mores.

Chocolate face.

Chocolate face.

I thought today would be the day to work on the next sermon. I preach three Sundays in a row. Yikes, can’t imagine doing this every Sunday, though maybe I could. Hmmm. Went to my room, did a little reading, lots of computer games then some dozing.

What I really enjoyed about this day was the time spent with Jaxon. We played together in the sand box then I had to clean him up into a new outfit because he wanted to spend the majority of the time burying his feet and hands. He was sand from head to toe.

Later this evening when Victoria went along to Eureka to play softball, we had more alone time. We watched tv and played some computer games until he got mad and said that I didn’t let him play. I thought he was telling me to help him. Next he wanted a S’more. I wasn’t sure at first what he was asking, but when I figured it out we got to work. We made a microwave S’more the way Paulina does it. Jaxon loves how the marshmallow grows in the microwave. Anyway, it was bathtime when he finished with that. Another outfit messed up for the day.

Now we are sitting in the living room and he is playing with his cars on his carpet full of roads. What a day. This will be one I will treasure in the weeks and months to come. On Friday his parents sign papers, and on Saturday they move all their belongings from Jamestown to Hebron. A new phase in the life of a Dakota family on the fringe of the oil fields. At least with this phase they will be together every night and on days off.

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