Pool Day, etc…

The pool is open.

The pool is open.

Orange lily, wonder when I planted those.

Orange lily, wonder when I planted those.

Dianthus growing in a pot.

Dianthus growing in a pot.

Today is hot, hot, hot in the Dakotas. They are predicting possible showers for the northern part of North Dakota, but that does nothing for us here in the north central part of South Dakota. It is breezy, but not real windy right now. I am surprised because the wind usually goes wild when I hang clothes on the line. I guess I missed it because it was pretty windy yesterday when Victoria was doing her laundry.

I have shared a sort of pool photo with you. I didn’t ask permission to photograph the girls prior to their entering the pool, so the shot I took was far and sketchy. At least you can tell what they are doing even if you can’t tell who is there. I want to join them, but I just don’t have the energy or the time. I need to finish the laundry and most of all I need to get started on that sermon. I have part of it in my head, I just don’t have a serious structure for it.

So it is now official. Victoria and Jaxon are homeless. I have a homeless daughter. Her husband has a place he rents, but they are homeless. Of course, I am teasing her about this, though I guess in light of people who really are in that situation, there is no joking about it. The issue is that their house is officially not theirs anymore. The paperwork all went through yesterday, and they should have the money in their bank account today.

The reason I am saying homeless is because the papers on the house they are buying are waiting on a new appraisal. Apparently the other one has expired. I know we live in this new, up graded digital world, but really the only thing that could have happened is the house could have dropped in value, which for them would be a great thing. Nothing has been changed about the property, no one was living there before and nothing is there now, but they will be here waiting… At least we don’t have to move them today or tomorrow, supposed to be the two hottest days of the summer so far. Yikes.

Hopefully this time in the pool will tire Jaxon into a nap when he gets inside. He must be about to hit another growing stage and he sure can get cranky when he is over tired. We want to go to the outdoor movie theater in Mobridge tonight. Monsters University is starting so it should be fun. The only thing is that in order to play the movie in the dark, they can’t start it until after 9 p.m., so the night gets rather long. Hopefully I will be able to stay awake to the end. Perhaps if I don’t get working on that sermon, I will have to stay home and do that.

I have been absent from posting for a few days. We have been crazy busy around here, and the camera was out of memory, so I will use that as an excuse. On Sunday, Nate and Victoria went to Jamestown to clear out the rest of their items, and clean up the yard for the final walk through before the signing. They were having some issues with the new buyers until their realtor finally tracked down the real problem. It was the realtor they were using. They were in the same company and the other lady kept bringing up issues and saying what was wrong with the house. The buyers were happy with the house and really wanted it, but their realtor kept trying to talk them into, well who knows, it is just nice to know where the hold up was. James and I were ready to start making some phone calls to speed up the process.

Sunday was a hard day on Jaxon. He was so excited to go back to his, “little house”. When they opened the door and he went into his room, he couldn’t understand where his toys went. They have been in storage, some since the middle of April. This is a hard thing for a boy who turned 3 in February. He wants his stuff. The upside of it is that he will feel like Christmas, birthday and every other gift day when they finally move and unpack.

During the course of the day, they brought the brown hide-a-bed couch out of the basement. They have no place to store it, so they decided it would be a donate item. All the donation places were closed and a “do NOT dump” sign outside of their doors, so they put it out near the curb with a “Free-take me” sign. Within half an hour a lady drove up and claimed it saying she would be right back with her pick up. I guess this is quite frequent in Jamestown. Well the poor child screamed bloody murder when she drove away with that couch. He sobbed for his brown couch. I know it wasn’t really about the couch, it was about the confusion. I feel so bad for him through this whole process.

Well, the door just opened and I guess the pool is closed for the day. I best post this and get back to my laundry. The fresh bread also needs to be bagged and put in the cup board, and maybe I should fold the dry laundry. Never a dull moment around here. Now if only the cable hook up man would show up at my mother’s house, we would all be happy. Hmmm, I think I will go check if the phone works. Same number as before in case you are local and interested.

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  1. Cables and Colors
    Jul 18, 2013 @ 13:29:43

    It has been hot lately and that pool sure looks good. Moving is such a headache, sending good wishes your way.



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