Feeling better

Sunday night before I went to bed it occurred to me that my energy level had come back. I also noticed on Monday that I wasn’t just cranky about things that were out of place, I was ready to kick someone in the behind for leaving things setting around. I guess that creepy crud that had me feeling awful for so long must be gone.

Come to think of it, I am guessing part of my improvement is because of being outside in the sunshine. There is something to be said for getting outside and letting the natural Vitamin D from the sun take care of your body. I also believe that we had a mold problem in that little green house, and that was what was making me sick. The first year it wasn’t so bad because the winter was shorter and not so cold, but this year we had everything pretty well wrapped up and when we moved our furniture, I noticed mold in a few places, namely bedrooms. Yikes!

Right now I am taking a in the house break for a bit. It is starting to heat up outside, and I am fading a little from that. The wind has also picked up so I am really glad that the pool is totally full. In fact, Victoria, Jaxon and Paulina are going to try it out. I am sure it will be so cold that they won’t last too long. I also figure they will be out before the renters come back to the house. There are four young guys renting the house for a few days, and I can’t imagine the girls wanting to be seen in their swim suits.

I fertilized everything between last night and this morning. After the ground dried a little, I picked some lettuce. It is already washed, spun and resting in the fridge for supper. I used to hate that job so much that I would only eat the lettuce for about two weeks then pull the plants. I now have two favorite kitchen tools, and that has made all the difference. They are pictured below with the lettuce in them. One is a colander and the other is a salad spinner. I used to put that lettuce in a large bowl and wash it leaf by leaf then dry it on a paper towel. I was too tired to eat it when I finished. And the two stack, so they actually take up less room than that big bowl did.

Colander with lettuce.

Colander with lettuce.

salad spinner

salad spinner

Today I was on the internet reading a story about how expensive it is to garden. Either the person who wrote it doesn’t know much about real gardening, or I am really lucky to live in the Dakotas. We have the land, in fact there aren’t too many houses in small towns that don’t have plenty of room for a garden. In Jamestown they even allow people to put some plants into the area of the boulevard. We also don’t spend the amount that they were quoting on seeds or potting soil or even the containers that start seeds. Also, one of those seed containers has 96 slots, and I can usually fill it with one seed packet. Of course no one in their right mind would plant 96 tomatoes or peppers, but….

The poolers have decided it was too cold for comfort. Victoria and Jaxon decided to put him in his little pool, now he is having a fit about how cold it is. Paulina even put a few buckets of hot water into it, but it isn’t the same as having a hot water spicket like we did in Jamestown. Jess and Vic were spoiled with virtual bath water when they had little pools. So enough of all this fun for today. I can see that there are other things to do. I should actually give you a list of what we have done since we settled back in. Maybe tomorrow, yes tomorrow is another day.

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  1. The Earth Mama
    Jul 02, 2013 @ 17:41:20

    ****Salad spinner******



  2. The Earth Mama
    Jul 02, 2013 @ 15:33:03

    I think I need to invest in a salad too.



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