Early harvest

Today was another day of sifting through some of the clutter and putting things away. It was also a day of early harvest. There aren’t too many things that are harvestable in the first few days of summer, but lettuce and rhubarb are two items in my garden that are ready to pick.

I decided to be a mother for a change and made supper. Since Victoria and Paulina are trying to eat foods that are healthier, I decided to get some garden lettuce for them. I must say that since I bought the salad spinner cleaning lettuce is much easier. I can’t believe that I left it in the lazy Susan in Herreid the whole time we lived in Linton. Anyway the lettuce was a great compliment to the fish that I made.

A sink full of  rhubarb

A sink full of rhubarb

Lettuce in the salad spinner

Lettuce in the salad spinner

Earlier in the day I cut the rhubarb and threw it in a sink full of cold water to soak a bit. I usually do that to clean it off before I cut it up. I wanted to make rhubarb and strawberry jam, but I couldn’t remember where I packed the recipe. Finally after supper after I cut up and bagged all the rhubarb, I remembered that I packed the cookbooks in the pizza oven box because there was so much extra space since I had tossed the Styrofoam that it came with. No wonder it was so heavy when we moved it. Anyway, the bags are in the refrigerator waiting for the morning when I can do the canning. The first produce of the season.

The rest of the day was taken up with Thank you cards, a trip to the bank, laundry and sorting out some clutter. We also spent some of the morning looking for Sophia, who finally decided to come home around noon when I was hanging up the clothes. Paulina and Victoria spent some time outside trying to soak up some sun. They also washed down the every green trees for us. The neighbors had a person on a four-wheeler do some weed killing with one of those pull behind rollers. I get a bit touchy about those every greens. I realize that I probably should have planted them a little more on my side of the line, but I don’t care to have anyone putting chemical near them or mowing around them for that matter.

Anyway I chopped up the rhubarb after supper while James, Paulina, Victoria and Jaxon took a bat and ball and headed to the softball field to get in a little practice for the game tomorrow night. The girls are on the Wishek team with Adie and Melissa again this year. Kathy is also on the roster this year as is Elisabeth, though the latter is usually gone at camp when there is a game. They play in Mobridge tomorrow night, so I guess that means a trip in that direction.

Later when they came home, Aunt Glenda stopped by and so did Adie and Steve. It was a nice visit until sometime after 10 p.m. I love those stops. I need to get a rhubarb cake or some cookies baked for any future stops.

My song for today is “It’s a Beautiful Day” by Michael Buble. I love the chorus, and even more, I love the last phrase of the chorus because it is such an ironic twist to such a neat song. Here it is:
“Hey hey hey
It’s a beautiful day and I can’t stop myself from smiling
If I’m drinking, then I’m buying
And I know there’s no denying
It’s a beautiful day, the sun is up, the music’s playing
And even if it started raining
You won’t hear this boy complaining
‘Cause I’m glad that you’re the one that got away
It’s a beautiful day.”
Even if you don’t know the song, I hope you can appreciate the humor in the lyrics of the chorus. The singer is celebrating the fact that the girl got away. I wonder about that sometimes. Ha!
Have a great day!

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