On the road again

On the Road Again as sung by Willie Nelson is what I am thinking of today. Yes, we hopped in the car and drove to Linton today. We need to be here tomorrow morning for the parade. Emmons County Farmers Union board members line up the parade for the Dairy and Ag Day in Linton each year. We also have a youth float each year.

This year the float was donated by one of the board members and is in our garage as I type this. Hopefully it all comes together well tomorrow. We will be walking the parade route and throwing out candy for the children and such as the parade goes from south to north on the Main Street of Linton.

I am currently so tired of driving from one house to the other that I could pretty much puke. We gathered up some boxes today and I started packing them. Sadly though I have many of the boxes filled up as tightly as possible, it doesn’t really seem to have made a dent in the items that are in this house. I didn’t know we had that much here, yikes.

Victoria and Paulina attended the pageant that goes with the Dairy and Ag Day. James’ nephew, Luke Haak, was entered in the little farmer part of the contest. I think that is what you call it not sure. James and I stayed home with Jaxon. I thought he would have a hard time sitting through that contest, and I didn’t know that Luke was in the contest. Oh well, I guess that is how is goes, miss a few and see a few.

This morning James did a little clean up around the yards. He loaded all of the linoleum torn out of my mother’s bathroom onto the little grey pick up. I realized he wanted to take it to the dump, but really didn’t know that he had it loaded until we were rushing out of town. I didn’t do much this morning. I was still trying to let my knees recover from all the walking we did yesterday. Mostly I toured the garden.

I am excited to say that a few more things are peeking through the soil. Looking out of the ground besides the radishes and lettuce are the peas, beets, a few beans and the cucumbers. I think there might be some spinach coming, but I can’t really tell yet. I just wish that I saw cosmos and zinnias in the flower garden. The upsetting things was finding two of the hostas dug out. I am not sure it that was by the dog or a human. After I found the second one this morning, I may need to borrow someone’s motion camera and try to catch the culprit.

Without any photos to add to the fun today, I will close and go back to packing. Maybe if I took a shower before I continues I would stop being so growly at my family. Then again, maybe not. It might be just an over load of talking about manners yesterday. Today, I seem to have lost mine.

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  1. Glenda
    Jun 08, 2013 @ 10:43:10

    Hopefully you will be on the road again Mon., the 17th!! I am expecting either you or Adie. Remember, I will be bringing the heat home, so get ready!!



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