Come in from the rain…

Melissa Manchester Singin' album

Melissa Manchester album

“Come in from the rain, good old friend of mine, you’ve been searchin’ for yourself for such a long time…come in from the rain. And it looks like sunny skies, now that I know you’re alright, time has left us older, wiser, I know I am.” I woke at 7 a.m. this morning to the sound of rain and rain and more rain. It has stopped now. It is 9 a.m. or at least close enough to call it that. I also woke to other sounds during the night.

At the first sound I wasn’t even asleep so technically it shouldn’t count. Audrey was barking. Most people would think not a big deal, but Audrey does not bark for random reasons. We are always a bit nervous about skunks and one really doesn’t know who has been used to cutting through this yard all those months that no one lived here. All three of us were up like a shot trying to find out what was up. Paulina being the most fit of all (explain that later) made it to a door and found a stray cat rummaging through the garbage. We may have tossed some pork chop bones. Go back to bed.

Later during the night I could hear a rain gutter scooting across the concrete. I had set it in the breezeway trying to think of how I am going to cut it to hang up like they do on Pintrest. Someday I will get that figured out, but in the meantime; I think that I may have to tuck this item under the porch for safekeeping. It has sharp edges and I would hate for Jaxon or one of the grandparents to visit the emergency room because we tripped over it.

Melissa album

Melissa album

Better Days and Happy Endings

Better Days and Happy Endings

Obviously the song in the beginning was chosen for the rain that hit the area overnight. It wasn’t a storm really though there was both lightning and very faint thunder. At one point the rain drops seemed pretty strong, so the word hail flashed through my mind, but it wasn’t hot enough yesterday to brew up anything of significance.

The song, Come in from the Rain, is from an album (yes, vinyl) that I have of Melissa Manchester. She was one of my all time favorite singers back in the 1970s. In fact I went to see her at NDSU in Fargo one fall. I was a junior and old enough to drink in Minnesota. Their age was 19 for beer and wine at the time. They had a restaurant there called The Speakeasy and it had the best Italian food, or so we all thought. A group of friends and I went there, had supper, then went to the concert.

Melissa was the Grand Marshall of their Homecoming parade and did the concert the night before the parade. It might have been the magic of the entire night, being out on our own, going to a big time campus, but it was absolutely the best concert that I have ever gone to. She was fantastic, and she connected so well with the crowd. It was also the last concert held in the hall, it was an old fashioned gymnasium with a stage on one end and bleachers on each side. I sat in the bleachers on the very end up pretty high so I could see really well. My friends were lots braver, they went on the floor which had no chairs, and it was sit on the floor or stand as the concert became more intense. I never was up for that sort of craziness, might have to do with being a bit claustrophobic.

I actually have three of Melissa’s albums in vinyl, (all shown above) and I love them all. I was always sorry to see that she didn’t continue her music career publicly. I used to play them for myself when I was home alone and sort of down and out. This song about the rain was always a mood booster for me, perhaps that is why I am thinking of it so much today. I could use that right now. The other line that strikes me is about “searching for yourself for such a long time.” I really believe that most of my life has been a search for myself.

Do we ever really know ourselves? There have been times when things really seem to click and things are good, but some outside force always has to come along and mess things up. At least that is how I see it. I don’t like complications. Perhaps that is why I never got serious about writing. I hate the fact that you have to have some sort of problem to overcome. I want life to be happy and good. Perhaps that is why I prefer to read the books written for adolescents back in the 1960s, most of those books have minor problems. I hate books where the dogs die. I refuse to read them, though I could write plenty of true experiences about how the cats die; I guess dogs too for that matter.

One of my other Melissa Manchester albums is titled, Better Days and Happy Endings. Now that is something I like, something I can get into. I think that I need to order internet at my house in Herreid today. That would make for a much better day. See you later!!
Photos of weather and garden below.

The sun tried to peek out a little today. It dried off, but never got real warm.

The sun tried to peek out a little today. It dried off, but never got real warm.

The radishes are coming. Yipee!!

The radishes are coming. Yipee!!

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  1. 45spin
    Jun 29, 2013 @ 15:24:23

    Melissa Manchester continues to be a favorite of mine and I think I wore out the first album of hers. Great blog



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