Time for a change

Some plants I put in today.

Some plants I put in today.

Geraniums with Dusty Miller. The old toilet bowl is now the home of the blueberry plant. The only one that survived.

Geraniums with Dusty Miller. The old toilet bowl is now the home of the blueberry plant. The only one that survived.



Row of hostas.

Row of hostas.

It is absolutely beautiful tonight. The temperature is just cool enough to put on long sleeves, or if you are tough enough to sit outside in a t-shirt. Guess where I am with this sinus drip still happening? If you said t-shirt you are in the money. I have been a bit warm all day, well it was hot and muggy, so no surprise there. Anyway there is hardly any breeze. It is so calm that you can hear the mourning doves and the pheasants and the Canadian geese by the creek, not to mention all of the little birds squawking around the place.

Mostly birds don’t bother us, that is until they try to nest in the shop and cause all sorts of chaos there. Thanks to brother Adam fixing the doors last fall, all of that has ended. Now the crazy little barn swallows have decided our porch is the perfect spot to build a nest. In fact two families have moved in, one above each light fixture. I guess that is what happens when no one is around to turn on the lights every now and then. We are going to have to move them as they could cause some electrical damage if they haven’t already done so.
I guess the problem wouldn’t have happened if we had finished off the porch as intended. It is a funny thing how money, or the lack of it, prevents a person from doing lots of things. I am currently sitting out on my porch drinking coffee. Yes I am having coffee without you. (Family joke.) I thought the dog would join me, but I think she headed for her kennel because it is starting to get dark.

I really have not been a fan of Audrey, but of all things, she and I had a pretty good day together. As I sat, she sat nearby without any harassing or licking or anything. She also stood by and watched as I transplanted some geraniums and added Dusty Miller to the pots. I was calling her the slobber dog earlier this week, but she is really good about minding her own business. Don’t tell anyone that I said she is a good dog; I wouldn’t want this to get to Victoria or anything.

I don’t want this to get too long, but I did want to let you know that I will be working on a challenge for myself during the month of June. When I worked as the editor for the Prairie Pioneer, I wrote a weekly column and in doing that, I often started out with a phrase from a song. My topic was never, or almost never about the song at all, but the thing that I was writing about seemed to fit with the phrase. It was fun for me because people would tell me “now you stuck that song in my head for most of the day.”
Anyway, I am challenging myself to post a blog everyday with a phrase from some song present or past. I will tie it to what I am doing at the time, and hopefully write more substance instead of always throwing in pictures of some plant or another and a visit from the grandson. Yes, I will still write on those topics, but the whole point is to make the writing more of a story…You can be the judges at the end of the month as to how it turned out.

I will also be updating my categories. I think it is time to retire the I Remember Patsy to simply an I remember area that will contain stories of the past both mine and those told to me by family, friends, or simply acquaintances. I am also adding a gardening, a crafting and a food category. I have come to realize that when my family and I moved to Linton in August of 2011, I had all these grand plans to spend more time writing, and now Paulina has graduated, and we are considering moving back, and other than the blog, I really haven’t done any serious writing. Yikes, time to get serious…Good luck to me.

I would love to hear from you, so go ahead, comment!

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