Today or shall I say, this has been a week/month of losses. On Sunday we went to Herreid to work in the garden and such. Interesting that all of my sisters decided we needed to be there on Mother’s Day. Adie hosted most of us for lunch. We went back to my place and Melissa and Adie and Aunt Glenda were hanging out in the yard and at our mother’s place. She has been gone for two years, but for some reason we were drawn there for Mother’s Day, yet none of us talked about it. It just sort of was.

I didn’t go in the house. I have been fighting a cold/sinus infection since Saturday morning when we went to Eureka to that track meet, and it was really cold and my hair was wet. I know that doctors say that a wet head can’t make you sick. All I can say is I wish someone would tell my throat that rule.

Anyway, it seems that I misplaced my new CD’s when we were there. I hope they are in the house there, but I have no idea. This comes after my track chair was damaged by a shot put at the last home meet. I would say this started a few weeks back when I lost my two glasses cleaners. I have searched my house up and down for those, but to no avail.

As disheartening as any of those things seem, nothing compares to the loss that my aunt found out about today. Her cat was run over. She talked about it being missing, but didn’t really know what happened until today. This is the cat who when given away to a farmer with a batch of kittens, left the kittens at the farm and walked back to town in the dead of winter. She lost a tip of her ear, but found her way home. Glenda said she just had a batch of kittens, but no one knew where she hid them. The neighbor girl ran her over Stinkpot with a vehicle. Why can’t teenagers pay attention to what they are doing? This is why we need to be careful when we drive.

One other point that my mother used to note was, if you can’t control your vehicle when a pet runs in front of you, what do you do when a child runs into the street? Yes, it is sad that a cat was run over. I feel so bad for that cat, and for those kittens that surely have died of starvation by now. I hope that teen thinks about her driving, and starts paying better attention before the next thing she hits is a child.

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  1. Kathy
    May 16, 2013 @ 17:01:33

    Loss can be so hard. Sometimes it can just small things, but other times it can be heart-wrenching.



  2. Glenda
    May 15, 2013 @ 16:03:13

    It really would have been nice to have been told about this. I walked around my yard yelling for my Stinkpot while the girl who hit her was out in her yard one house over listening to me and knowing all along what she had done. I had to sub in school 2 days later and have one of the students tell me what happened to my cat. I still have not heard one word from the person who did it. So much for manners of our youth!!!



  3. lucindalines
    May 14, 2013 @ 23:25:22

    I do have to add a little to this post. One of the lost items that made me feel the worst was Paulina’s earings. They were just costume jewelry pearls, but she had them in a slot in the van, and when I went to pick up some thing I had beside them, I moved the ledge they were on, and they fell into a hole in the dashboard. They are rattling around inside the heater hoses, and we can’t get to them without ripping the whole panel off. Yikes. Add to this the fact that we can’t find the second car key….



    • lucindalines
      May 17, 2013 @ 10:04:01

      Hey, I found the second car key in the car in a compartment. Thank goodness for something good. Hopefully when I finally clean house thouroughly I will find a few other “lost” items.



  4. christinelaennec
    May 14, 2013 @ 14:12:55

    Oh I’m sorry to hear about all this trouble and sadness. They say trouble comes in threes and maybe you’re wondering if it’s in multiples of threes… Your Mother’s Day get-together sounds like it was a positive thing, although marking a loss. And I hope the gremlins will surrender your missing things very soon.



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