I’m going to bed now!

So I guess I missed it. I missed the chance to blog on May Day (May 1) then I missed blogging about the “Run for the Roses” (May 4), and then I missed blogging on Cinco de Mayo (May 5). How can a freak about blogging on special days person miss all of those things at one time, not to mention that I missed writing poetry blogs at the end of April. I guess it is called life.

Life is the thing that happens when we get out and do things and writing happens when you sit home and think about all the things you could do. So, as you can see, I must be living, since I am not writing. And of all things, I have been thinking of all the things I could be writing in some actual stories that might really be worth writing and sharing. Weird.

I have no photos for now, but I will fill you in on the past week in a very quick nut shell. I need to back up a bit, so you get the whole picture.
Friday: April 26, no school went to Bismarck so Paulina could job shadow and tour BSC. James and I met Jess for coffee will Paulina job shadowed. Went for lunch. Tour of BSC was long. Did a little shopping and home.
Saturday: April 27, track meet in Hazen. Paulina placed the discus. Back to Linton, packed up for a weekend in Herreid to see Peren. Got to Kathy’s in time for the fire pit and visit with Wanda and Roger Larson for a bit.
Sunday: April 28 In Herreid, Melissa stayed at Grandma’s house. James and I did a little yard work. Visit more at Kathy’s. Peren and Tiffany are engaged. Who would have guessed that was coming? Back to Linton in time to go to the honors piano recital to hear Alex G and the others play.
Monday: April 29 Sub for the math teacher. Worked on track stuff in spare time. Track practice, OMG, Paulina realizes she has to go to the awards banquet to get her music award. Set up meet after awards night.
Tuesday: April 30. At 11 a.m. take van and mini bus to Sterling to pick up the track fund raiser items. Store it in the locker at the meat market in Linton. Home track meet. Started after school, very cold. Very late, wiped out tired afterwards, but do up the stats and send them out to the coaches.
Wednesday: May 1. Go to meat market after lunch and load the fund raiser items and take them to school, spend the entire afternoon sorting, pass out to students afterschool, no practice, just have them deliver them.
Thursday: May 2 Sub until 1 p.m., Conference track meet at home, worked clerking. Vic came to watch, stayed overnight. We doubled checked stats and sent them out to the coaches.
Friday: May 3: Wash clothes, pack some lunch, run stats, go to Jr. High Track meet in Mobridge.
Saturday: May 4: Varsity Track meet in Bismarck. Get up and load van head to Jamestown to help Vic move. Finished team stats at Jessica’s place. She gave us our Mother’s and Father’s Day presents early. I will post a photo of them soon.
Sunday: May 5: Up at 7:30 spend the day moving and cleaning at Vic’s place, get a haircut from Lindsey, load van and green neon, move Vic and Jaxon to Herreid to our house there. By the way great-aunt and aunts, go visit, they will be feeling pretty lonely.
I’m going to bed now!!

3 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Kathy
    May 06, 2013 @ 13:01:02

    Sounds to me like you’re living! You’re living it up, truly. thanks for the blogging update.



  2. Glenda Zimmerman
    May 06, 2013 @ 10:47:01

    IN the the words of John Lennon, Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.!! Can’t wait to see Jaxon and Vic!! Great aunts get lonely,too.



  3. Garden Walk Garden Talk
    May 06, 2013 @ 10:05:02

    Always stuff to do!



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