Known caller

I tried to follow the daily prompt of writing about or to or whatever, the Unknown caller thing. I couldn’t. I can only think of the Known Caller, the person who has been hanging around the outside of the house for the past month. The proverbial pest who won’t leave. His name is Snow. He is a slimy wet monster right now. He comes in a big flakey sort of dry form then hits the ground only to melt away into a dripping puddle of a mess. He has created sort of a mess of sloppy soupy sucking sounds all through the alleys and farm yards and pastures in the area. While in flight from the clouds above, he often blocks out the sky, but sometimes he doesn’t. He actually has been known to share space with the sun on occasion. It is weird this snow in April. I am not sure that we are really sure how to react.

How do we react? Well for the most part, everyone who needs to get from point A to point B has been pushing the snow into large piles. Yesterday the city workers in Linton were busy taking the piles from the long row on Main Street and dumping it into trucks to be hauled out of town. Water ran out of the buckets as the tractor lifted them into the air. The fun part was watching the truck jump as the load landed in its box. I would guess the driver needed a back adjustment after a day of enduring that jarring load after load after load.

Today, just when we had hope, just when the date of the calendar said it has to be over. Income taxes have been filed. Spring concerts are over. Graduation cards are in the mail boxes. He came back. We can’t even speak of him as a “gentleman caller” like Laura waited for in The Glass Menagerie. Of course then again, we aren’t in the south. This isn’t Tennessee Williams. This is North Dakota. This is getting ready for another flood in Fargo. This is spring in the high plains. This is a Known Caller who can be cruel and deadly in the heart of winter. This is a Known Caller who can be fun filled with snow forts and snow ball fights and full families of Snow people. But not today. Today we are just tired, tired of trudging through trenches of mud and yuck and slipping on spots of half-frozen cement early in the morning when we are trying to go off to work to make a few measly cents to stick in the slush fund to help keep the family going.

No I am not going to write the daily prompt about the Unknown Caller. I know who is knocking outside my door and my window, and I don’t like him one darn bit right now and I am NOT letting him in.

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. lucindalines
    Apr 17, 2013 @ 18:28:46

    Just an update, the snow stopped while I was writing the blog, but I was in an inside room and didn’t have a window to check on the weather. I guess I am glad that nothing stopped my thought at the time, just hope the sun keeps shining.



  2. Kathy
    Apr 17, 2013 @ 15:49:41

    Love how you described this Known Caller, Lucinda. How funny! (Well, not really funny, but I so get what you’re describing here. Will winter ever go away??) Wonder how we can keep him locked out. If you figure it out, let me know.



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