January works in progress…fret should not be a verb…

Raja looking hopeful that I will take her along.

Raja looking hopeful that I will take her along.

After the day I had, I have decided that life is a work in progress. My husband James would take today in stride and call it good, but I have this tendency to fret. Today as I was writing something, I decided that fret should only be a noun and as part of a guitar and never a verb that some people like me do, but that is not how my life works.

Today and yesterday and the day before, I was fretting about children being on the road and in the air. Paulina left for school on Monday, and that was good when I heard she was safe and sound. Later that day, I found out that Victoria was traveling from Dickenson back to Hebron, and she made it fine.

She and Jaxon checked out a Day Care there in case she gets a job she is looking into. She is in my sort of flux, too. Anyway it is sort of a pre-school thing, and apparently Jaxon is so excited that he wants to pack the book bag and leave right away. Sounds just like his mother, until she realized it involved getting up and getting dressed each day. HA!!!

The big deal yesterday and still now is Jessica. She and Tony are flying home from Tampa in Florida. They made it to Minneapolis, but had to change planes because of engine problems. James told her to be glad that they figured it out before the thing was in the air. She has a room on hold in Fargo when they land because the weather forecasters keep saying blizzard conditions for that area today. She said she will call when they land, so we shall see.

James and I figured out that little puppy Raja has been with us since last Wednesday, and believe me, she is ready to go home. Today when I loaded up the van to head for Eureka, she was all set to join me by hopping into the back seat for a ride along. She is pretty used to going with Jessica on trips, and I think it is confusing to her when she stays here, and we don’t take her along to anything.

Raja smiling for the camera.

Raja smiling for the camera.

This caught my eye, she was sure she was going along.

This caught my eye, she was sure she was going along.

On the couch to look out the window.

On the couch to look out the window.

Roger wanted to be in a picture, too.

Roger wanted to be in a picture, too.


My other fret is this whole pastor thing. Although the committee that was searching has officially asked if I would be willing to do it, and although I have officially said yes, and even though Mrs. Gross tells me every Sunday, “You just keep coming back Lady.” We won’t have the super official congregational vote until the annual meeting on Sunday, Jan. 26. I don’t know if I have that much patience inside of me.

Good thing that I have James, he keeps calming me down and saying to stop being such a worrier and that I should start getting some, let’s just say the word guts here. Anyway I have to do this background check thing. Thank goodness I can figure my way around a computer sometimes. I was told it is a real simple thing to fill out on the internet on this official website. I was told to go here and go there and it would be so easy.

Well, sometimes we get so used to a site that we don’t realize that what we think of as “here” is labeled something else, like perhaps “zheer” or something goofy. Anyway, I did locate what I needed only to find out that it will be updated a couple of days after the vote, and if I don’t get it finished in time, it won’t count and I will have to start over. Grrrr!

Knitting projects partially complete.

Knitting projects partially complete.

Angels arranged for packing up.

Angels arranged for packing up.

Snow people on display in the hutch area.

Snow people on display in the hutch area.


I will stop with my complaining now before I dig in too deep. Let me just suffice to say that I will have to get it figured out, and I thank you for listening to me complain. Now, I will close with a few pictures of the rest of my work in progress. I have been cleaning up the Christmas items. Mostly I waited this long to be able to put things away in a less cluttered manner. The angels are all packed so neatly together for a change, and the snowmen or snow people if you want to be politically correct, which isn’t all bad as I believe some of them are girls. So they are staying out in a new spot until the snow leaves, or the Valentines come out next month. Also I have been working on the knitting. I get bored so easily so I am doing both projects so I can switch back and forth. I know, weird. Hope you all stay warm, and blessing to you and safe travels to all.

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  1. christinelaennec
    Jan 17, 2014 @ 14:04:05

    Those angels are wonderful! You’ll be happy to see them again next year. I get tangled into knots about all sorts of things, real and imagined. But I try to hand them over to God – if necessary, every 15 minutes! Wish I was better at it… I find it helpful to remember Julian of Norwich: All will be well and all will be well and all manner of thing will be well.


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