I should be picking out songs for Sunday, I should be finishing the apples and zucchini. I could even be digging the carrots, but there are priorities today that don’t even allow much time for blogging. Jaxon and Ana are here. Oh by the way Miss Fussy Ana has something sharp along her top gum. I suspect she is getting a tooth and so that is why she isn’t real happy currently. Grandpa James is stopping at the drugstore for a teething ring on the way home, hopefully that makes her week easier to bear.





I found it!

I am so excited to say that I have finally found it. I have been looking for my church necklace for about two weeks. I knew that it was in the house, but with the clutter and such, I had no idea where it was. I have been wanting to clean out my jewelry box and line things up just so, but I imagine most of you know about how much fun that would be. I love the feeling of accomplishment when a task like that is finished, but starting or doing, well…. I also have not been able to think past the apples and zucchini and the peppers which seem to be calling my name from the fridge and the table and wherever they happen to be rotting at the time. Tomorrow some of the zucchini and the onions are going to church and will be waiting in the basement for people to take them home and eat them. I will be the happiest of all if they are gone when I leave.

Now, it wasn’t just the necklace that was found this evening. And of all things, I remembered while brushing my teeth and taking off my earing as to where that necklace was. I usually stash it in the spot where rings go. Ok, so it has a very long chain and is pretty large so it doesn’t fit where the other necklaces hang, but that is where I put it. To top it off, I kept telling myself that I wouldn’t remember putting it there. Yikes.

Next item was my grandmothers wig head. Yes her wig head was something that I received a long, long time ago. My grandmother Lizzie had two dark short-haired wigs. Cannot tell you where those are right now, but I have the box and was seriously thinking about tossing the box and the head. About that time I was supposed to put it in the garbage, I realized that a whole lot of yarn would fit in that box. So I was going to toss the head. Just as the head was going to drop into the garbage, I realized the head would be a great holder for knitted hats. Well, it has been found and won’t be heading for the garbage anytime soon. Said head and box will be on a shelf holding yarn and hats. Ya!! All in honor of grandma.

My latest hat. I got carried away with the color pattern so decided to make it extra long.

My latest hat. I got carried away with the color pattern so decided to make it extra long.

I think that next time, I will move the pattern down a bit so it isn’t a slouch type beanie. Oh well, I just hope that someone decides to love it. This will go in the bag of hats available for the track team in the spring, unless of course someone wants it sooner.

Now, I have a few other things that need to find homes, and hopefully I get time this week to do the dividing. Victoria has called for new aloe vera, snake and spider plants since hers were left out in the cold. Here is just one sample of the little ones waiting to be divided.

Aloe Vera plant with new ones coming in.

Aloe Vera plant with new ones coming in.

Well, it is 8:47 on a Saturday, and I have some writing to do before I can go to bed and get up for church. Hopefully there are not too many more days in the old bed. We bought a new mattress and box spring this morning, and I cannot wait for  it to be delivered. If that doesn’t help my back, not sure what plan B is.

Day off haha

James and Paulina had the day off today. North Dakota has their big teacher convention today and tomorrow. We used to go, but doesn’t happen anymore. Anyway, we spent the day inside working on the produce. I had hoped we could do a few things outside, but the weather wasn’t exactly cooperative.



The clouds looked more like something you see when ok I can’t even say it, but there were two others who thought the same as me. I won’t say that ” s” word, but it looked like it.
We stayed inside and made orange zucchini jelly seven jars, four pints and three half pints.



We also made applesauce. I counted out the apples, and it took 90 apples to make six quarts. At least the table is starting to get a little room on it. We shredded up about eight of the yellow zucchini. One of them had such a hard rind that we should have used a chainsaw on it. We were able to put the card table away so that has helped with the room issue.

Tomorrow some of the craziness of hunting season starts. James and I will clean at my mom’s house then head to Mobridge. I have had enough of a bed that makes my back hurt. By the time we come home I am hoping to rearrange to make another bedroom downstairs. Hurrah!

IMG_0843.JPGlast issue, I finished the booties for Paulina. Hope she likes them!

Supper out

I didn’t have to cook today, not at all. I was invited out to lunch at the senior center by one of the ladies at our church. I got to sit and visit with her and a couple of others too. Later James called and we went to Mission Fest in Hull, ND. Paulina was along because she doesn’t have any class tomorrow. It seems her lab hardly ever meets. The weather today was beautiful. Here are some pictures from tonight.



On the way home, I made James pull over so I could get these shots.



Zucchini muffins and apple butter

Today was exactly what I feared. I had so many plans, but couldn’t get all of it done. Some days I can only go at 1/2 speed. If I could have been at 85 or even 75 percent I wouldn’t feel quite so bad. I really need a day at 110 in order to get it all done, but I am guessing that won’t happen until Friday.

I did get a few things accomplished like the water bills are paid and checks went to the bank. I was on the phone some which gets annoying when you are trying to work, but often that is also part of my work lately. Plus it was hymn selection day so that is always an issue.

The weather was so beautiful that I just wanted to be outside. I have seeds to gather from the flowers and plants to repot for winter, but as long as there are apples on the table none of that will happen. I did get three zucchini shredded and one large bowl of apples boiled into apple butter. In fact that is still on the stove. The zucchini was packed away into the freezer for when draughts show up. They will take some whether they want to or not. I also made muffins using a cinnamon zucchini bread recipe. Again this will be forced onto friends. I am taking some to church for the first ever coffee hour, and James has to share with co-workers.


And those muffins with the finger checks, those are for tasting, have to have some of them in each batch, hahaha!!

So when that is gone, I am free. If I were lucky someone would come and steal a few items, on the other hand I should lock the doors so no one drops anything off. Oh never mind, I forgot about the beets and carrots in the garden. Yikes!

Caramel for apples


Oh doesn’t this sound like a yummy way to use some apples?

Originally posted on Cinnamon, Spice, & All Things Nice:

Recipe for homemade caramel, specifically for apples.

What you’ll need:

  • 1 cup brown sugar
  • 1/2 cup whipping cream
  • 4 tbsp light corn syrup
  • 4 tbsp butter
  • 1 tbsp vanilla extract
  • pinch of salt

What to do:

  • Over medium heat, mix brown sugar, butter, corn syrup, salt and cream until it thickens (5 minutes or so).
  • Bring to a boil, until sauce reaches 245 F with a candy thermometer, or if a drop of caramel in cold water yields a ball if rolled with fingers.
  • Remove from heat and mix in vanilla extract.
  • Allow to cool for 2 minutes before dipping apples.


View original

No time to post

I didn’t realize until I opened the blog today that I have not taken time to post in a few days. I would guess it has given some of you a break from my drivel. It has been a really busy week. Paulina and I looked at each other Saturday in middle of the apples, and my comment was at least we didn’t plant pumpkins. I guess we do the every other year thing with pumpkins and apples. It is just that pumpkins are less labor intensive. I plan to spend tomorrow on the apples alone, and not sure how much more time I will give them. I have a few pictures to share that I forgot about, plus just some general pics I took tonight.

Apple pie filling

Apple pie filling

We made these 7 quarts of apple pie filling on Saturday in the early afternoon. Paulina dug out the recipe, and we got to work on it as best we could. I always have such a fit when it says, 6 pounds of apples. I don’t have a dang scale. Maybe I need to get one. I want measurements in pints, quarts or gallons. Anyway I found a conversion that said 3 medium apples are one pound. We cored and  peeled and sliced enough apples to fill 7 quarts. Then we combined 10 cups of water, 4 1/2 cups of sugar, 1 TB of cinnamon, 1 tsp of nutmeg and 3TB of lemon juice. The hard part was the 1 cup of corn starch. I substituted flour, but didn’t do a great job with the lumps. I know how to make that work better. We took turns beating it in with a mixer, but I would do a better job on that in the future, and perhaps tomorrow I will take a shot at it. The few that we had to pull out to make the head space fit better tasted fantastic. Can’t wait to use these. We also made 5 quarts of apple sauce later in the day, and filled the dehydrator over and over.

Below are fall pictures of the world outside tonight. I was in school today, and so no apples were done in mass today. I have lots of plans for tomorrow, just hope that the past week doesn’t catch up to me and drag me down. After the funeral on Wednesday followed by a late board meeting and two days of substituting, a full Saturday of apples and a regular Sunday and then the association meeting in Pierre where I had to give the meditation, which was not the Sunday morning message then sub today, I sort of feel like blah enough already. I just want to look at the pictures below and feel the peace of the fall day.

The grassy hill behind the creek with the reflection of the sunset.

The grassy hill behind the creek with the reflection of the sunset.

Trees behind the dike east of our house.

Trees behind the dike east of our house.

Birds in the trees.

Birds in the trees.

The garden during fall. Quite a different picture than last spring or even this summer.

The garden during fall. Quite a different picture than last spring or even this summer.

The rain last night filled the barrel, oh we needed that moisture.

The rain last night filled the barrel, oh we needed that moisture.

Cosmos are finished. I need to get seeds off these tomorrow.

Cosmos are finished. I need to get seeds off these tomorrow.

Strawberries need to be covered when it gets colder.

Strawberries need to be covered when it gets colder.

The ash trees have given up their leaves. Maybe Jaxon and I will spend some time playing in them next week.

The ash trees have given up their leaves. Maybe Jaxon and I will spend some time playing in them next week.

The sun is setting in the west. I took this at an angle just for the fun of it.

The sun is setting in the west. I took this at an angle just for the fun of it.

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